Sunday, October 11, 2009

'll figure this darned thing out yet!!

Here we are in Sedona looking throough the little shops. But in order to figure out this blog, you'll have to scroll down to the previous entry, because I didn't get this quite right and the entry I wanted to post was a complete one and not the messed up practice one I really submitted. I will get this right someday. (after I've made all the mistakes that can be made.....twice)
Sedona is an artsy fartsy place. Theyof course saw my natural beauty and wanted to sculpt a nude of me. I was a little intimidated at first, but they assured me that it would only be done in the best of taste. I think they got a pretty good likeness (except I'm not really green) what do you think?

after we looked through a lot of the little shops we drove out of town to where the area is beautiful and green around the river. Randy and I found a nice little spot to sit and soak up the sun, and green and listen to the water. They charged to even go park at all the picnic and camp grounds. But the weather was perfect and it was just a super great day.


  1. Its not easy being green! I think the staue turned out great! I am so glad you posted something, and it`s so nice to see pictures. I haven`t seen you in what feels like forever!Love ya Mom!

  2. Nice, I like artsy fartsy towns, as long as they don't smell fartsy. As for the sculpture...I am thinking you need less clothes and more free time to stand around getting stared at. Way to go on the pictures!