Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OK.......Soooooo I haven't really learned, or figured out how to post pictures yet, I'll have to get together with Ariane for some professional help. And Vanessa already beat me to it with her blog. But Randy and I are back to real life after a really wonderful trip to Alaska. Randy's favorite part was being on the halibut charter " at one with the ocean". He caught the biggest fish of the group. Does that count in the qualifications to become a real Alaska man? He can build a mean campfire, as well as be a sweet grandpa and play with the kids and hold the baby. What a man!!!! And the best part is he is always looking on craigslist and Yahoo to check out the job market and housing market in Palmer. We can at least dream!!!! It was really good to be with the kids and grandkids. My head (and heart) is still there with them alot of the time, and then I have to come back to reality occasionally. I have to get some photos downloaded on a disk to share before I can load them up here, so check back later.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Be Patient...

I am in Alaska LOVING being with my family. Ariane is helping me with this blog thingy. Tonight I'll get some pictures up so keep a close watch!